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This old narrow street lined with craftsmen was given its name in the Middle Ages by barrel makers and coopers (Böttcher) located here. Later this street was transformed into a unique work of art by Bremen coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius (Kaffee Hag) and the architects, Eduard Scotland and Alfred Runge, as well as sculptor Bernhard Hoetger from Worpswede.

The “Lichtbringer” by Hoetger, an impressive golden relief plate, marks the entrance to Bremen’s “secret main street” with the red brick architecture typical of the 1920s.

At the Glockenspiel House, 30 bells of Meissen china chime three times every day while the story of the most famous seafarers is displayed on rotating, carved boards designed by Bernhard Hoetger. Visitors can see the many artists’ studios, museums, such as the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum in the Art Gallery Böttcherstraße and the Roselius
, and enjoy a variety of food...