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Bremer Sparer-Dank Stiftung Sparkasse Bremen


Since its completion in 1931, Böttcherstrasse, a “city within the city”, has mesmerised thousands of visitors each year with its elaborate architecture and its wide variety of offerings. Immerse yourself in a variety of exhibitions, admire impressive handicrafts or enjoy regional food and drinks from traditionally crafted home-made products. In the nooks and crannies of this secluded high street, visitors and Bremen inhabitants alike can discover new surprises time and time again.
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Tales from
a golden age

108 metres of art, culture and gastronomy. Böttcherstrasse was designed as a tourist attraction from the very start, and even today there is a lively bustle in the streets. Creative shops and exhibition spaces combine artistic and handicraft self-fulfilment. It is hard to believe that this basic philosophy has remained unchanged for more than 100 years.

The house
of the seven
lazy brothers

Legend has it that a farmer’s seven sons once escaped the physical strains of farm work by travelling the world and returned with all sorts of technological innovations that made work in the fields much easier. An inventive spirit and ingenuity are characteristics that are also impressively represented by the shops within the houses.

Der Multimediaguide zur Böttcherstraße ist im 7-Faulen-Laden erhältlich.


Paula Becker-Modersohn

In 1927, Hoetger created one of the most important expressionist buildings, the Paula-Becker-Modersohn Haus, to honour his friendship and the life’s work of the artist who died in 1907, and it is here that the world’s most important collection of the artist is preserved. To this day, the museum is the cultural highlight of Böttcherstrasse. In addition, the ground floor of the Werkschau-Laden craft shop and the Handwerkerhof craft workshops offers extraordinary objects for collectors and lovers of modern arts and crafts.



Ever since the beginnings of Böttcherstrasse, the combination of arts and crafts, tradition and modernity have been visible basic ideas that are reflected in the architecture and function of the buildings. This is most vivid in the Handwerkerhof craft workshops where visitors can still be amazed, can admire and try out the goods to this day.


Roselius house

Embark on a journey through time through the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Enter the heart and core of the synthesis of the arts that is Böttcherstrasse. Paintings, reliefs and sculptures of all these different epochs are impressively displayed in specially designed style spaces in the Ludwig Roselius Museum, the founder’s museum collection.


St. Petrus house

From the beginnings of Böttcherstrasse right up to the present day, the names “Flett” and “St. Petrus” have epitomised outstanding traditional cuisine, convivial evenings and exceptional wine enjoyment. The ensemble is further enriched by the function rooms of the neighbouring Atlantic Grand Hotel as well as media agencies and creative offices.


The glockenspiel
carillon house

“Arise all sailors, the anchor has to be raised”. One of ten pieces which are played on 30 porcelain carillon bells on the gable of the house, this shanty song is about the spirit of adventure and wanderlust. A yearning that can now be followed, for example in the Atlantis Cinema – in complete comfort. In addition to this art house cinema, Böttcherstrasse GmbH’s head office including its archive, Möhlenkamp & Schuldt Design Studio and Luca Rizzo Hairdresser are all located here.

Januar bis März um 12, 15 und 18 Uhr.
April bis Dezember zwischen 12 und 18 Uhr zu jeder vollen Stunde (nicht bei Frost).

Den Infoflyer zum Glockenspiel können Sie hier herunterladen.


Atlantis house

Although this special building shares many visual features with Roselius’ personal vision of the sunken city, it did not “go down” during World War II. Its greatest attractions, the stairwell and the Himmelssaal sky room, can still be admired in their original glory.



The Robinson Crusoe House is completely in the spirit of the adventurer who, stranded on an island, was able to find his way back to civilisation through his pioneering spirit and handicraft skills. Today you can find one of these here in the house – exotic coffee creations for adventurers.