Ever since the beginnings of Böttcherstrasse, the combination of arts and crafts, tradition and modernity have been visible basic ideas that are reflected in the architecture and function of the buildings. This is most vivid in the Handwerkerhof craft workshops where visitors can still be amazed, can admire and try out the goods to this day.

Glaskunst glass art

In August 2017, Irene Borgardt (glassblower) and Angela Dödtmann (glass engraver) opened their joint glass art workshop at the traditional location in Böttcherstrasse craft workshop.

Whether hand-blown or handmade: all objects are of the highest quality and always individual.


Michael Falk

Since 1990, individual handmade jewellery has been created in the small workshop. The artful and precise work can be viewed from the street at any time, completely keeping to the tradition of the original basic idea of the Handwerkerhof craft workshops.

Bøttcher 8

Good things for your kitchen, home and garden are rarely as stylish and well-made as in BØTTCHER 8. The original shop offers handcrafted products such as natural soaps, knives or cooking utensils from factories that practice their craft with passion and tradition.