Seven Lazy
Brothers Shop

Wonderful mementos and souvenirs for visitors and those attached to their homeland. From decorative articles and textiles to the Town Musicians of Bremen, in every material, shape and colour, hardly a single wish remains unfulfilled. Visitors will find memorabilia, and Bremen residents can take gifts with them on their travels.

Wir danken der Fa. Monacor für die großzügige Unterstützung.


Mo–Sa: 10–19 Uhr
So (April–Dezember):
11–16 Uhr


Tel.: 0421-3388227


Children’s fashion, which is in no way inferior to the full-sized version thanks to precise cuts and fantastic fabrics. Under kaenguru’s roof there is always a collection of new labels with the courage to be different. For over a generation, you have had the experience here of our changing collections that surprise and delight you.


The now famous brand opened its first branch at this historic location, with its trademark blue and white striped bags. For 40 years, an enormous variety of exceptionally composed tea creations have been offered and tasted here. _Over 150 types, accessories, crockery and biscuits leave nothing to be desired for enthusiasts and explorers alike.


In the summer of 2017, this famous French brand, which has been making its name since 1925, especially for its high quality cast-iron cookware, opened up a shop in the House of the Seven Lazy Brothers. The product range includes colourful cooking utensils for virtually every need, from the famous roasting dish to frying pans and kitchen gadgets. A true pleasure for every passionate chef.